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How it works

Shaves2U brings you a unique shaving experience tailored for your grooming needs.
Get started in just three simple steps!
Shaves2U brings you a unique shaving experience tailored for your grooming needs. Get started in just three simple steps!

Step 1

Build your plan

Choose the frequency of delivery you desire.

Step 2

Try for 1 week

Start by selecting the ideal blade type for your shaving needs.

Step 3

Be in Control

Change or stop your plan at any time from your profile page.

We're not your typical Shaving Company


Razor-sharp blades engineered to perfection in the USA and Germany.


Savings up to 40% less than the leading brand, and FREE shipping.


You’re in control. Any time you want, add and remove products, plus adjust how often you get restock products.

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

Stop the Razor Rip-Off

We sell our blades to you directly. No middleman, no hidden fees. Just quality blades at an honest price.

5-Blade Cartridge Pack (4pcs)

*Average price per replacement cartridge pack for Gillette Fusion ProGlide online across Lazada, 11Street, Watsons and Guardian

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Get under way with our Starter Kit

A new shaving experience with your own ergonomic handle, razor-sharp blade, and bubbly shave cream for only RM15.00

Get Started

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There are 2 ways to start a Shave Plan.

If you’re new to Shaves2U, start with a Starter Kit. It comes with everything you need to get started, and a 7-day trial period.

If you already have a Shaves2U handle, you can just order a refill of our amazing blades instead.

Choose your preferred type of blade (3 Blade, 5 Blade or 6 Blade) and how often you’ll need refills (2, 3, 4 months) depending on your shaving needs. We’ll bill your credit card before each delivery.

You are always in control of your plan. Change or cancel any time.
Your delivery will usually reach you within 5 working days.

However, shipping may take up to 7 working days in certain regions. The moment your order leaves our warehouse, we will provide you with a tracking number that you can use to stay up to date with its status.
For now, we only ship to Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, we're looking to expand our services to other countries in the near future. Want premium, yet affordable shavers in your country? Let us know at
Yes we do! Subscribers can enjoy FREE shipping for all orders.

For the longest time, most shaving brands sell their products through retail stores or some form of a middleman. To cover the hidden fees and costs, these shaving companies hike up the prices of their products, which leads to expensive shaving supplies for the customers.

But Shaves2U isn't your average shaving brand; we want to put a stop to this razor rip-off. Shaves2U believes in providing high-quality shaving kit at affordable prices for our customers. By ordering from Shaves2U, you're getting the best shaver Malaysia has to offer and other shaving supplies delivered straight to you at a low price with no extra charges.

When you subscribe to a Shaves2U shave plan, you can say goodbye to overpriced razors and save up to 40% less than the leading brand!

Are you interested in the Shaves2U shave plan but not sure how it works? Let us guide you in getting a unique shaving experience that suits your grooming needs. Read our step-by-step guide to get a shaver in Malaysia that’s made just for you!

The first step is to build your shave plan with the Starter Kit. You'll have to choose between a three-blade, five-blade, or the six-blade cartridge that fits the swivel handle. Did you know our razor-sharp blades are engineered to perfection in the USA and Germany? This means our razors challenges all the shaver in Malaysia. Besides the blade cartridges and the swivel handle, the starter kit also comes with a tube of shave cream.

For the second step, you'll have to choose your next refill shipment. Your refill can be done in three ways. The first refill option is to get only refills for blade cartridges of your choice. The second refill option includes a tube of shave cream and blade cartridges. For the last refill option, you have an extra tube of after shave cream along with shave cream and blade cartridges. After choosing your refill options, try for your shave plan for one weeks!

For the third and final step, you can decide the frequency of the delivery based on how often you shave. Shaves2U delivers as frequent as every two months, but you can choose the frequency up to four months. For example, for men that shaves every five to seven times per week, we'll deliver your products every two months to fit your shaving needs.

Not only are we aiming to make a high quality shaver in Malaysia low-cost, but we also want to make the experience convenient for everyone. Once you subscribe to a Shaves2U shave plan, you are in full control of your shave plan. Feel to modify or change your shave plan whenever you want. For example, if you decide not to shave so often anymore, you can decrease the delivery frequency and switch to the five-blade cartridge. You can also stop your subscription at any time.

With just the low price of RM15.00, you can get the Starter Kit and start your Shaves2U plan. No delivery-fee included! As we don't have retail stores at the moment, all Shaves2U product orders are done online on our website. For payment, we accept all debit and credit cards. Experience the best shaver in Malaysia with Shaves2U!