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Shave Plan

There are 2 ways to start a Shave Plan.

If you’re new to Shaves2U, start with a Starter Kit. It comes with everything you need to get started, and a 7 day trial period.

If you already have a Shaves2U handle, go for our custom plan instead.

Choose your preferred type of blade (3 Blade, 5 Blade or 6 Blade) and how often you’ll need refills (2, 3, 4 months) depending on your shaving needs. We’ll bill your credit card before each delivery.

You are always in control of your plan. Change or cancel any time.

Our Starter Kit contains everything you need to start your Shave Plan - a handle, the blade of your choice and our Shave Cream.

It also comes with a 7 day trial period from the day you receive your Starter Kit so you can decide if our products are right for you. There will be no further charges if you cancel within the trial period.

Your first refill pack will be billed and shipped automatically after 7 days. Every subsequent delivery will also be auto billed.

As always, you are in control of your Shave Plan. Change or cancel any time.

Simply go to your Profile Page and click on the “View Your Plan” button under the “Shave Plan” tab. Then, edit and change the blades or shipment frequency that best suit your needs. Make sure to click ‘save’ and you’ll receive a confirmation email after that.

Our business is providing our subscribers with Shave Plans that offer savings, convenience and high quality products.

Shave Plans require recurring billing, which is not supported by online payment transfer.

Delivery / Shipping

Your delivery will usually reach you within 5 working days.

However, shipping may take up to 7 working days in certain regions. The moment your order leaves our warehouse, we will provide you with a tracking number that you can use to stay up to date with its status.

Yes we do! Subscribers can enjoy FREE shipping for all orders.

We do our best to ensure that you receive your products within 7 working days. If it’s been longer than that, please drop us an email at help.my@shaves2u.com with your order details so we can get this sorted out immediately.

Our delivery services partner should have provided you with a 'Missed Delivery' card, which contains detailed instructions on how you can easily reschedule the delivery.

If you have any concerns or enquiries, please drop us an email at help.my@shaves2u.com.

For now, we only ship to Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, we're looking to expand our services to other countries in the near future.

Want premium, yet affordable shavers in your country? Let us know at help.my@shaves2u.com.

If you're on a Shave Plan or our Starter Kit, you can cancel or customise it to your liking on your Profile Page.

For other orders, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team at help.my@shaves2u.com and we'll do our best to help you take care of it.

If you are still unable to track your order after placing it for at least 24 hours, do provide us the following details at help.my@shaves2u.com so that we can find out why:

  • Order Confirmation Number
  • Registered Email
  • Contact Number

Returns / Refunds

We do offer a money back guarantee on all our products. If you’re not fully satisfied with our products for any reason, do get in touch with us at help.my@shaves2u.com within 30 days of your purchase and we'll help sort you out.

You will need to write to us with your refund request at help.my@shaves2u.com, and we’ll get back to you with details on how to return the products to us. Please include your order number and details of your original purchase.

Shaves2U reserves the right to deny refund requests for products that are deemed damaged through misuse, lack of care, mishandling, as well as requests that were made after the 30-day mark or other reasons at our discretion.

Our refund covers the price of the product. It does not cover shipping or processing costs. The amount due will be refunded via the payment method you selected during the purchase.

You can usually expect to receive your refund within 10 business days. While we do our best to process refunds within a day or two, please note that we have no control over the time it takes for your bank to reflect the transaction back into your account. Do contact your card’s issuing bank for further information.

We will honour our money-back guarantee for any defective products within 30 days of purchase. Please email us at help.my@shaves2u.com and we will sort out your replacement or refund as soon as possible.

Oh no! Please drop us an email at help.my@shaves2u.com and tell us the details. We'll sort it out from there


There might be an issue with your card issuer bank. Please check with your bank or financial institution about why your card was rejected to rule out any possible errors on their end.

If the problem persists, drop us an email at help.my@shaves2u.com and we'll do our best to resolve the situation.

Don't worry, it happens!

Every successful Shaves2U transaction will trigger a confirmation email and subsequently, an email containing a tracking number.

If you didn't receive any of the above, just place your order again or drop us an email at help.my@shaves2u.com for confirmation and to prevent duplicate orders.

After adding the Shaves2U products you want into your cart, proceed to checkout. Enter your promo code in the box provided and click “APPLY”. The difference should then be reflected in your Grand Total*.

*Promo codes are not applicable for the Starter Kit.

Technical Issues

If you have received an order confirmation from us, clear your cache and restart your browser. The website should reload and reflect the correct status of your order.

Otherwise, drop us an email at help.my@shaves2u.com with the following details and we'll fix it in a jiffy:

  • Order Confirmation Number
  • Payment Remittance
  • Registered Email
  • Contact Number


If you’ve trouble logging in, just clear your cache and cookies, before restarting your Internet browser. It should be all good after that!

Simply go to your Profile Page and click on “View Your Plan” under the “Shave Plans” tab. Then, click on “Pause Plan” and proceed to cancel your plan. You will receive an email to confirm that it has been cancelled.

If you have any trouble with the steps above, please email us at help.my@shaves2u.com or use the help widget to reach us.

No problem! Click “Forgot Password” at the login page and enter your email address. We'll send you an email with simple instructions on how to reset your password.

Simply go to your Profile Page and click on the “Add New Address” on the right of address details section. To edit, click on “Edit Address” on 1 of saved address.

To make your Shaves2U ordering experience more convenient, you can also change/add up to 2 shipping addresses and billing addresses to your account.


Our 3-blade and 5-blade razors are made in the USA, while the 6-blade is made in Germany. All blades are manufactured to our exacting quality standards from the highest quality carbon steel.

6 Blade

Designed to work best on short stubble. Best suited to the daily shaver looking for the closest, smoothest result. Has a trimmer blade on the back for a precise line-up.

5 Blade

Ideal for full-bearded guys who don’t shave daily. Great for a smooth finish on larger areas of skin like the cheeks and neck. Equipped with trimmer blade on the back for a precise line-up.

3 Blade

Narrower cartridge is ideal for thinner stubble on upper lip and chin areas. A great option for less hairy guys.

Our blades are made from carbon steel, and will stay sharp for a long, long time!

We recommend changing your blade every 10 shaves, but for best performance, change every 5-7 shaves. This will give you the smoothest shaving experience and help avoid razor burn.

The recommended maximum time frame for changing razors is once a month, for hygiene purposes.

On your handle, push the release button forward and the razor blade will come off.

Insert the handle into a new cartridge and once it clicks into place, gently pull it out from the cassette.

Or check out our simple video tutorial on how to replace the cartridge here.

Every Shaves2U cartridge comes fitted with a lubricating strip that contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help reduce skin irritation and to give you smoother shaves.

On the 6-blade cartridges, the lubricating strip also contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and MicroSilver BG™. MicroSilver BG™ has a high antimicrobial effect and helps to regulate the population of harmful germs and microorganisms on the skin’s surface.

Skincare products with MicroSilver BG™ improve skin condition quickly, and for a long period of time. It helps prevent skin problems caused by overpopulation of germs and is the only pure metallic silver proven by studies to be safe and effective in personal care products.

All our blades and handle are designed to work perfectly with each other. However, they will not fit with parts from other brands.

Although our products are not made specially for sensitive skin, our entire skincare range has been put through strict dermatological tests prior to production to ensure their safety. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend trying a small amount on a small patch of your skin before using.

Our products are not made solely from all-natural ingredients. However, they have been through strict dermatologist tests prior to production to ensure their safety for use.

They are produced in South Korea, ARKO MEN produced in Turkey.

The Swivel Handle

Armed with a dual-axis swivel mechanism that perfectly follows your facial contours, clean-shaven perfection is now within reach. Ideal for guys who just shave everything off.

The Premium Handle

Crafted with a comfortable rubberised grip for confident handling even when wet, a weighted metal body for the ideal amount of pressure, and a single-axis swivel mechanism for precision. Perfect for shaping facial hair.

Both handles are similar in length, width and weight.

Company Questions

At the moment, retail stores do not carry Shaves2U products.

If you think we could work out a mutually beneficial business agreement or partnership, drop us an email at marketing@shaves2u.com with your information or proposal.

We will review it and get back to you to continue the conversation. We look forward to working with you!