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Beginner Workout Tips: How To Get Started?

So you’ve had the realisation that you should take better care of your health — good for you. One of the steps towards that is to start exercising. It might be difficult to start and you might not even be sure how. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have a step-by-step guide for you to get started. If you’re still looking for a reason, read up on why you should already start exercising here.

1. Choosing a Workout Plan

Seeing how popular health and fitness have been over recent years, you are now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a workout plan. There are various apps that can help you get more exposed to all the different classes in the city. This is a good option if you want to explore new activities.

However, if you’re already set on a reliable gym routine, you can do it the old-fashioned way and sign up for a gym membership. Ask your friends for gym recommendations — sometimes it’s just more reassuring when reviews come from people you know. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from someone more experienced like a fitness coach or trainer.

2. Get Prepared

Once you’ve decided on a programme, it’s time to kickstart the new you. Consider the type of exercises you will be doing and try to be dressed appropriately for it. Take into account the type of fabric, as well as the cut or structure of the clothing. If you’re running, is it aerodynamic enough to help you with speed? Don’t forget to have the right shoes as well.

Once you’ve sorted out your workout clothes, don’t forget all your gym bag essentials. Water bottle for hydration, earphones for music to accompany your workout, extra t-shirt for just in case, and razors to shave after your workout to keep you looking fresh. If you need one, check out our Shave Plans.

3. Setting Realistic Goals

It’s important to have goals when you start working out to track your progress and see how you have improved over the course of your fitness regime. Similar to how New Year’s resolutions are, it’s easy to flake out on your new goal. As you go along, it can get really challenging. Thus why looking at your progress can be the positive encouragement you need to keep going.

However, it’s also as important for these goals to be realistic. Start with simple goals first to let your body ease into your workout plan. You need to understand your body’s capacity and endurance when it comes to intense physical activity. As much as you are pushing boundaries for yourself, prioritise your body’s safety and make sure that you don’t get a workout injury.

4. Having a Complementary Diet Plan

It’s good enough that you are starting to exercise. How should you make it even better? We suggest a good and healthy meal plan to go with your workouts. Eating healthier food doesn’t necessarily mean salad bowls all day.

You can start by cutting down on junk food and sugar from your diet. Make simple changes such as switching a roti canai for chapati, or grilled chicken instead of fried. Eat not just your greens, but your proteins and carbs as well. Trade meal tips and tricks with friends who are also eating healthy.

Start Now

We hope that these tips have been helpful to get you more prepared for your exercise plan. Staying motivated is important so whenever you feel discouraged, just think about how much your body will thank you in your later years.