5 Significant Tips to Boost Self-Confidence | Shaves2U

Boost self-confidence with these tips

Have you ever wondered how a person becomes confident? Have they always behaved that way? Are people born with limitless confidence? The truth is, no one is born with confidence. Fortunately for the less assured people out there, this means that it is possible to develop self-confidence, even if it may seem difficult at first.

While we can't magically turn you into a self-assured person overnight, we can guide you with some tips to boost your confidence. Check them out below!

1. Stop comparing with others

Comparison with others can begin as soon as we're kids. Parents compare their children, teachers would compare students, and this will often continue throughout our lives. The unhealthy habit of comparing makes it easy to focus on people's strength and spot our flaws. When you start to think that others are always better than you, it will lead to doubt and loss of self-confidence.

In recent years, this issue gets worse with social media. Just log on to Facebook or Instagram, and you will find yourself envious of other people's achievements and their holiday trip to the Maldives. However, people fail to realise that these updates don't show the whole picture; they may be deceptive only to impress their followers. What you see on social media may only be a facade, but it can also make us feel inferior.

It isn't easy to stop comparing yourself to others, but you can start by switching your focus to yourself. Think of your strengths, the positive things in your life and appreciate what you have. Instead of comparing yourself with others, challenge yourself to be better and improve your skills.

2. Take care of your body and appearance

When you ignore your health and put no effort in your appearance, how do you expect to feel good about yourself? Self-care is essential no matter who you are, and the combination of excellent physical and emotional health contributes to self-confidence.

Instead of staying up late at night and consuming ten pieces of chicken nuggets, take action to cultivate healthy eating, exercise and sleeping habits. Not only does it improve your health, but you will also naturally feel confident when you are physically and mentally at your best.

Stepping up your fashion game and putting more effort into the way you look is also a great way to boost self-confidence. Don't feel afraid to try new styles, go for the clean-shaven look with our razors, or get yourself a new haircut! Self-confidence will automatically come to you when you feel and look good.

3. Improve your speech and posture

More often than not, you can tell a person's level of self-confidence in their body language. A person with a good posture often gives out an air of confidence, while a person that shies away from eye contact is seen to lack assurance.

In terms of speech, speaking too fast and using filler words (such as "umm" and "like...") are signs of nervousness and insecurity. To sound confident, mentally rehearse your sentences before you speak. Speak slowly and avoid using filler words.

Although popping out your chest and speaking slowly doesn't necessarily turn you into a confident person, it's not a bad place to start. Having a better posture and speech gives other people a confident image of yourself, and it can also influence yourself to be more assertive. Some might say it’s a ‘fake it till you make it’ situation, but you can instead think of it as practice to improve your self-confidence.

4. Overcome self-doubt

At any point in our lives, self-doubt is often there to stop us in our tracks. Whether you're about to apply for a promotion, or when you're considering asking someone out for a date, self-doubt tells you "no, you can't do it."

But we should think of self-doubts as speed bumps; they exist to slow you down but not make you stop entirely. The best approach to overcome this obstacle is to not let it overpower you, and take action in spite of doubt. If you keep giving in to your inner critic, you will eventually believe that you are incapable of anything.

To beat this inner critic, start by finding opportunities to congratulate and reward yourself, even for the smallest wins in life. Every time you gain a minor victory, you weaken your self-doubt and gain self-confidence. Take chances to step out of your comfort zone, embrace challenges, and most importantly, be proud of your achievements.

5. Low self-confidence isn’t a life sentence

Self-confidence struggles are something that most people deal with in their lives. But just like any skill, you can learn to be confident and change for the better. Now that you are aware of these tips, don’t just keep these tips at the back of your head—start applying it today!