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First Date Tips: How To Get A Second Date

First dates can be tough, awkward, and — when done often enough — tiring. Yes, if it’s not meant to be, then it’s just not meant to be. But before you leave that up to fate, read our guide below and see if you’ve ticked all the right boxes on your first date. We’ll help you make sure that you nail that first impression and get yourself a follow-up date.

Look good, feel good

Put a little effort into how you look. Show your date that you care enough to look your best. Dress according to the setting. Is it a casual coffee meet or a fancy dinner date? Read our guide to men’s fashion if you need help and make sure you’re well-groomed. Subscribe to our Shave Plan and make sure you don’t run out of razors before your big date.

Be punctual

If you absolutely cannot avoid being late, there is a ten-minute grace period. Anything later than that, you should let your date know way beforehand so that she won’t waste her time waiting on you. If you do end up getting a second date despite being late, don’t make it a habit because it’s just plain rude.

Keep the conversation balanced

Now, this is the truest test of the first date. This is where you can assess whether you both have good chemistry. Try to make the conversation equal between the both of you and most importantly, don’t talk over your date. Listen to her, you’ll learn a lot and women appreciate men who pay attention.

Offer to pay for drinks or dinner

Going dutch on a first date may now be the norm, but that shouldn’t stop you from offering to pay for the date. It’s a nice gesture and even if your date declines, at least you’ve put it out there. Bonus: Pay first and say she can get the next one, to signal that you’re interested in a second date.

Don’t be a dick

You can pass all the tests and still fail horribly because of one sure thing — being disrespectful. Don’t say things that could make her feel uncomfortable. On top of that, it’s not just her that you have to respect, but also the people around you during the date. She could make her own judgement about the kind of person you are, for example, if you were rude to the waiter.

You’re all set now

Now you’re ready for that first date. Calm down, and be yourself. If you’ve followed our steps then you’ve got yourself covered. Good luck!