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The Importance Of Networking

You’ve just been invited to a party — it’s a gathering with a bunch of people from your office, and some others from partnering companies, who are probably bringing a stack of shiny new name cards and their spouses.

That’s very likely a networking event. Some of you would rather sit at home and play video games, but really bro? You’d be missing out on an opportunity. Why bother with networking? We’re glad you asked.

Grow your career

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new job, changing career paths, or seeking a promotion, being visible within your industry could give you that well-needed boost for your career. By actively seeking out and building your connections, you will open doors to new possibilities that your current position could not allow. After all, most companies have said that some of their jobs are never advertised but rely on word of mouth or recommendations.

Start your own business

Your own business could mean many things, whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or budding small business owner, networking could benefit your new venture greatly. If you’re looking to have your freelancing side hustle take off, you will need to grow your contacts.

As for entrepreneurs and future SME owners, meeting like-minded people and learning from their experience could help you navigate the rough waters of start-up ventures. You could even meet potential partners with different but necessary skill sets for your ideas.

Exchange information

Information in itself is a valuable currency. Being aware of current affairs, industry updates, and even personal updates could benefit you in many ways. Someone might know someplace that is looking for a certain skill set, and you might know the right person who is in possession of such a skill from another networking event. Congratulations, you’ve just made a positive impact on your connections, and someone now owes you one.

Source of inspiration

Listening to other people's experiences could be good for you more than you think. We are made of stories after all. Hearing about someone’s achievements, failures, strategies, and processes could help you navigate your own roadblocks. Bouncing off ideas and exposing yourself to fresh perspectives could even inspire you to improve on your ideas, and take it to new heights.

For the future

You might not see it now, but if you are well-versed in long term investments, you will know that networking is a culmination of dividends for your future use. Just like how our Shave Plans save you up to 40% compared to leading brands now, which you can then use for other passions in the future.

Anyone who has the patience to cultivate and leverage on their networks have the potential to achieve anything they desire. Think of it as building a strong support system. You may not know what the future holds, but for now, you can prepare yourself for anything that may come your way.

Personal relationships

Networking is not only limited to professional settings. Meeting new people and sharing common interests could lead you to find meaningful and lasting personal relationships, which could then lead to a happier, more fulfilling life. Professional relationships could easily become great personal ones, sometimes even better than the ones you’re exposed to in other social spaces.

Find your speed and network now

Networking can be intimidating to many, but there are ways to overcome it. Mingle according to who you are. If you are great at business talk, go ahead and attend all the seminars, conventions, and trade shows.

If you prefer to connect through physical activities, join the local football club or weekly office badminton session. If you’re an introvert, one-to-one coffee dates, LinkedIn, online forums and Facebook groups are some good options. And if you are not sure which setting fits you best, start small and bring a carton of chilled ice lemon tea to your neighbourhood potluck.