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Keto Diet: 5 Tips to Take Control Your Diet

There's no argument that the ketogenic diet is one of the most popular diet trends in recent times. Also known as the keto diet, the goal of this diet is to help you lose weight and improve your overall health by shifting your energy source from carbohydrates to fat. That means whole grains, potatoes and even fruits are no longer on the menu.

Besides the eating restrictions, there are also other concerns like the keto flu and withdrawal symptoms that often discourage people from starting or continuing the diet. To help you succeed, we prepared a list of tips that will help in your keto journey for better health.

Reduce your source of carbohydrates

A keto diet can be really challenging for Asians since we eat so much rice and noodles. Unless you're disciplined, the desire to cheat can be very tempting, putting your keto diet at risk. A way to overcome these temptations is to stop buying and stocking carbohydrates in your kitchen anymore.

Instead, make keto-friendly foods the most accessible in your home. This will force you to stay on track with your keto diet, even when your cravings kick in. However, if you plan on having a cheat day once in a while, it's alright to keep some carbs in your home for when the occasion comes. Just make sure that you stay disciplined on regular days.

Always plan ahead

While you may be doing your best with the keto diet, the rest of the world may not always be on your side. Not all restaurants have keto-friendly options, and you may have limited choices of food when you are at someone's party.

However, that doesn't mean you can't go out and hang out with friends anymore. Instead, you can plan your meals ahead of time. Prepare and bring your own food if you know the party isn't keto-friendly, look at the restaurant's menu before making a reservation, or invite your friends back home and cook your meals.

Carry keto snacks with you

Most people on a keto diet prepare homemade meals because it's easier than eating out. However, prepping meals takes time, and some people might give in to the hunger and start eating whatever food you have around you, even if they're not keto-friendly.

A way to reduce your hunger is to always have convenient snacks on hand. Having these snacks ready can also prevent yourself from eating non-keto food. Here are some keto snacks you can try: boiled eggs, pre-made guacamole and beef jerky. Not a fan of preparing keto snacks? Try to find a keto snack subscription. It would definitely make your life easier — just like our Shave Plan subscription!

Find your (keto) tribe

Dieting alone can be challenging when you feel like nobody understands your struggles. When things get tough, try asking a friend or a family member to be your diet partner. Having someone to diet together helps you as you can encourage and motivate each other to stay on track with the diet plan.

You also can find support from online platforms and social media. When you have people to share your concerns and accomplishments, the journey becomes more manageable.

Understand the risks

It takes a while for your body to get used to changes when you're committing to diets with strict restrictions. For example, many keto dieters experience flu-like symptoms during their first few days of the diet. This keto-flu occurs because there is a rapid loss of water and minerals such as sodium.

Besides the flu, people with familial hypercholesterolemia or adrenal issues usually don't do well with ketogenic diets. The keto diet might also not be suitable for pregnant ladies as the diet may not provide enough essential nutrients. Bottom line is, do plenty of research and understand the risks that come with a keto diet before committing to it.

Take it slow and be in control

It’s alright to take things easy at the start. Gradually introduce the keto diet into your life if you find it difficult for drastic changes. You shouldn't blame yourself if you fail initially, as carbohydrates have always been a significant part of everyone's diet. You can always try again.

Not everyone manages to stay on a keto diet as it requires a lot of discipline to avoid carbs. For rookies, you'll need as many tips and tricks as you can get to steer away from temptations and stay on a keto diet. Hang on to these tips, don’t give up, and hopefully, your keto diet will be a success.