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Men’s Fashion - Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” the late Yves Saint Laurent mused. With that is one of fashion’s biggest lesson: you don’t need to be trendy to be well-dressed. We know how tricky it can be to figure out your wardrobe so we’re here to help you sort out the eight items you must have in your closet.

1. Oxford white shirt

The Oxford white is a staple in every working men’s wardrobe essentials — and for a good reason too. The shirt pairs off well with almost anything, which means it can be dressed both up and down. When buying for one, pay special attention to the fabric. Try to get one in pure cotton as it’s more breathable for tropical weather.

2. Dark wash jeans

When you need to go casual but not sloppy, look for dark wash jeans. As for the cut, go with what is suitable for your body type. Some men can pull off skinny jeans, some look better with a regular cut. Why dark jeans? Darker colours are easier to match and if you need to look well put together, dark jeans will look more presentable than a lighter-coloured one.

3. Flannel shirt

The flannel has been misunderstood as a fashion trend but if you look up the plaid print, you’ll know that it has stood the test of time. In the ‘90s particularly, it was heavily associated with the grunge music scene, and this is why you need it — to add an edge to your wardrobe. Mostly worn in casual settings, the flannel is still a versatile piece. Wear it over a t-shirt for a laidback look, or button up for semi-casual affairs. Switch it up for a casual, lumberjack look and sport a well-trimmed beard with your flannels. Sign up for our Shave Plans to have your beard looking its ultimate best.

4. White sneakers

In the past few years, fashion houses have been trying to merge high fashion and streetwear to make designer clothing seem accessible. You’ll see fashion runways flooded with sneakers inspired by streetwear aesthetics and again, we don’t know for sure if the trend will last. But you know what’s staying forever? White sneakers. Squeaky clean white kicks will help freshen up a look anytime. So never miss this in one of your men’s wardrobe essentials items!

5. Chinos

Chinos come in a camaraderie of colours which makes it a great item to experiment with. However, if you’re slowly building your wardrobe, go easy on the colours. Cover your basics first with safer choices such as tan, khaki, dark blue, and grey. In terms of formality, chinos are a step above denim jeans, but can still be worn casually. Pair it with a fitted shirt for a nice little tuck in the ensemble.

6. Formal lace-up shoes

Your shoe rack is incomplete without a pair for formal occasions. If you have a couple of pairs, they definitely come in handy to elevate your look for both formal and casual events. There are two types of formal lace-ups that you can consider: Oxfords and Derbies. What sets them apart are the flaps that are available on the latter. As for colour, you can’t go wrong with black as it matches just about anything. But for a little variety in your look, go with rich browns, burgundy and oxblood.

7. Belt

The belt is a very simple accessory that when done right, holds up both your pants and your entire look. Although it has the potential to be a statement piece, sticking with neutral colours such as blacks or browns would be best. Another way is to pair your belt the same colour as your shoes but of course, go with what you feel is best with your style. As for the buckle, think about the accessories that you’re already wearing on yourself. For example, if you’re wearing a watch, is it silver or gold? Try to stick to the same colour palette to avoid a mismatch.

8. Outerwear

Outerwear is tricky in the sense that there are a lot of aspects you will need to figure out such as the weather, the occasion, and material. You have a lot of options here — it could be a coat, denim jacket, leather jacket, casual blazer or even a sports coat. Dependable outerwear needs to be able to gel with the rest of your look so you will need to take into consideration your own personal style. Are you usually in business casual settings that would require you to adhere to dress codes? Or is your lifestyle more chill and laid back? If it’s the latter then it would be okay for you to go with casual choices such as denim or leather jackets.