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Office Attire: Things You Should Never Wear to Work

In the 1950s, offices expected their employees to dress in what modern workers would consider a formal look. Nowadays, the jeans-and-tee combo is even acceptable in some companies.

Dress codes, in general, has relaxed over the years. However, with the freedom to dress more casually, comes the daily struggle of deciding what to wear to work. The rules surrounding what to wear to work are often also confusing. Business casual, smart casual, classic casual - what do they mean?

It's important to remember that the dress code of a workplace depends largely on the nature of the workplace itself 一 how employees dress in a bank is different from designers working in a studio. But if you're having a hard time deciding what to wear, there are a few things you can firmly rule out, no matter your line of work or job position.


Crocs are a very controversial fashion piece even outside the working world. There's no doubt that these plastic clogs are convenient and comfortable, but nothing about the shoe says "professional." Even if your workplace allows Crocs, you're sure to get the stink eye from a colleague.

T-shirts with offensive messages

Not many companies allow you to wear T-shirts, but if yours does, avoid wearing shirts that have offensive words, messages or logos. If your shirt has even the slightest chance of insulting someone, the workplace is probably not the right place to wear it.

Strong fragrances

If someone can smell you before you turn around the corner, it's a sign that you should tone down your aftershave or cologne. Be considerate of your co-workers' noses, especially to those that may have fragrance sensitivities or medical conditions.


Unless you're a lifeguard, you have no excuse to wear flip-flops or any open-toe shoes in an office environment. Nobody wants to see your feet, and certainly not your toes. Not only are flip-flops inappropriate, but it also produces a slapping noise that you can hear from metres away.

Gym clothes

You may think wearing sports attire is convenient if you're planning to drop by the gym after work, but that doesn't make it acceptable around the office. Some companies may compromise on running shoes, but it's best to leave tracksuits, sweatshirts, or anything made of spandex where they're made for - the gym.

Sloppy clothes

Stained shirts, dirty shoes and wrinkled clothes send the message that you don't care about how you look, and probably your work too. It's crucial to take care of your hygiene and looks because you're representing yourself, your colleagues and your company.

When in doubt, ask and observe

Some companies have no problems with the items stated on the list above, and companies often adjust their standards as time and fashion changes. Every organization has its own rules and work culture, so it's important to ask if you're not sure about the dress policy. If there's no rule, look at what your boss and colleagues are wearing and you'll get the idea.