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Should You Worry About Beard Hair Loss?

Receding hairlines, thinning hair, and the horror of being bald are some of the common fears that men face when it comes to hair loss. We're not trying to scare you any further but, did you know you can lose your beard hair too?

No, we're not talking about patchy beards or men struggling to grow their beards. We’re talking about actual beard hair loss and thinning of the facial hair. If you’re starting to panic, calm down. We’ll get down to the six beard hair loss causes and perhaps you’ll learn that it’s nothing worth pulling one’s beard hair out.

It's just the natural growth cycle

You lose beard hair on a daily basis, even when you’re healthy and not facing any hair loss problem. But there's no need to feel alarmed. Just like the hairs on your head, shedding beard hair is completely natural.

After growing a certain length, your beard hair will separate itself from the follicle naturally. A new hair strand will grow and push out the old hair out, which explains the shedding of your beard hair.

Something is wrong with your diet

Keratin, biotin, and calcium are all essential in your body’s hair production. So, if you are experiencing beard hair loss, it could be a sign of micronutrient deficiency and that you should start eating more protein!

Besides that, switching to an aggressive diet can also cause facial hair loss. For example, one of the side effects of a keto diet is losing hair, which also includes beard hair. This is because a sudden low intake of carbohydrate may slow down natural processes such as hair growth.

You're stressed out

Nothing good happens when you're under severe and prolonged stress. No matter where the stress is coming from — work, money, relationship or more — being under a lot of pressure can negatively impact both your mental and physical health, which could lead to beard hair loss.

Fortunately, most stress-related hair loss conditions are reversible. Once you get the stress back in check, it's likely that your beard will grow back in its full glory.

Your beard care routine is too aggressive

If the thought of losing your facial hair makes you want to step up your beard care routine, we just want to remind you that moderation is key. Just like everything else in life, too much of a good thing can be harmful, even in beard care.

Brushing your beard too often or too aggressively can thin your beard. It’s also unnecessary to wash your beard every day, as constant washing can make your beard dry and brittle. Don’t have a beard care routine? Get started by subscribing to a shave plan!

You have alopecia barbae

If you think your beard hair loss is abnormal, you could be suffering from alopecia barbae. This autoimmune disease causes beard hair loss specifically, and symptoms include losing your beard in circular patches or entirely.

While there is no known cure for alopecia barbae, it's possible to manage the symptoms with treatments and medication. Seek medical help immediately if you think you're suffering from this autoimmune disease.

The takeaway

Similar to other health problems, prevention is better than cure when it comes to preventing beard hair loss. Keeping your health in check, maintaining a healthy diet and managing your stress can go a long way in sustaining your beard.

However, not all beard hair loss causes are preventable, and that's okay. During these hard times, it's crucial to be gentle with yourself and accept the situation. Beard or no beard, you’re still are as manly as you can be.