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Five Types of Ties Every Gentleman Needs

Every man has at least one tie in his drawer. Three, if you love a bit of variety. But have you ever dressed up for an occasion, tried all three of them, looked in the mirror and thought none of them looked right? Don’t worry. You’re right, and you’re not the only one.

We all wish someone invented a one-fits-all tie, but like our sneakers, we need that one type to achieve that one look. So how should you cover your bases without getting yourself into a knot?

Here are five essential ties every gentleman needs in his drawer.

1. Four-in-hand Necktie

The good old traditional tie, aka your first tie — the type you used to learn how to tie your first knot (we see you, school prefects and librarians). Whether it’s solid, polka dot, stripes, plaid, or foulard ties, these ties are the most versatile of all neckties. It’s the gentleman’s staple, as it goes well with most suits, and fits in perfectly in business, formal, and pleasure settings. Clip on a tie bar and suddenly you look like you’ve just walked off of Wall Street. This tie is a must have, if you don’t already own one.

2. Skinny Tie

The hip, younger brother of the traditional tie, the skinny tie rose to prominence in the ‘50s and ‘60s with the Beatles, and then again in the ‘90s and ‘00s during the pop-punk era (think Green Day). Nowadays, you can see these around the workplace, social events, and even at weddings! Most commonly paired with a shirt and jeans, skinny ties also work well with suit jackets or waistcoats. Have one around for when you’re feeling edgy.

3. Clip-on Tie

There is no shame in admitting that you love a good clip-on. Some jobs require it, as standard ties can be a safety hazard, and a clip-on can be a great help for those with disabilities. But for the rest of us, there are those days when your other ties just aren’t cutting it, or you just can’t be bothered. Most of the time, it’s because you’re late for work. Regardless, have a few of these handy pre-tied ties for rainy days.

4. Ascot Tie

Now you must be thinking, fancy much? Yes, these sophisticated looking neckbands may be seen conventionally as an upper class, ‘gentlemen's society’ accessory when paired with cigars and scotch, but let’s shatter that illusion because ascot ties are totally fine for more humble settings. The key is to wear it with confidence, and a bit more thought on the rest of your outfit. Keep one in a box for those days when you wanna carry that posh vibe.

5. Bow Tie

There are two kinds of people, the ones who think ‘James Bond’ when they see ‘bow tie’, and those who think ‘Donald Duck’. If you’re the kind who thinks that bowties are only reserved for your wedding ensemble, think again. Highly formal events may call for black bow ties and tuxedos, but for everyday wear, bow ties go well with short sleeve shirts, rolled up sleeves, cardigans, and suspenders. Have a solid and a patterned one to switch it up occasionally.

Final tip: If you decide to go all out and get several $1,000 silk ties, having an unkempt face would definitely drag all that money and effort down the drain, so have a set of shavers and refills at hand, like those in our Shave Plans, to hit that necessary final touch.

Picking the right tie can give you that dash of sex appeal in an otherwise bland sea of black suits. Arm yourself with these six must-haves, and you won't get caught off guard again the next time you're invited to yet another ‘dress code as follow’ dinner party.