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Prepare For a Trip With This Travel Checklist

If you think you're ready for a trip with nothing more than a piece of luggage with clothes, think again. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced adventurer or you're travelling for the first time, embarking on a trip unprepared is a misfortune waiting to happen. Going on a journey away from home requires more planning than most might think, and it is rarely just “get up and go.”

Gearing up for a trip requires some effort and time, but it doesn't have to be stressful. If you're worried about forgetting items or aren't sure what to do before a trip, fret not. Double-check with the travel checklist we prepared, and you're good to go:

Choose the right luggage

Some people may think, what does the bag carrying my belongings have to do with my trip? A lot, actually.

Depending on your travel destination and itinerary, your luggage has to be the right fit for a smoother travelling experience. It has to be sturdy, versatile and spacious enough to hold your essentials, but also convenient and light for you to carry around. A backpack or a duffel bag will do the trick if you plan to travel light, but you may prefer wheeled luggage if you want to walk around effortlessly.

Tip: Choose a bag that stands out with either a unique design or a bright colour. It will make identifying it much faster when you're waiting for it at the baggage carousel.

Do your research

Researching in preparation for your trip gives you an understanding of the area, the social norms and cultures that may differ from place to place. Besides local customs and traditions, you can also learn about the hidden gems of your destination, spots to avoid and tourist scams.

Thanks to the internet, getting information about your travel destination is so much easier now. A basic Google search tells you a lot about the location you're visiting, but you can also learn more by reading travel blogs, watching videos on YouTube or asking on online forums.

Pack the essentials

Before you start putting things into your bag, think about where you're going and what you're going to do there. Are you on a business trip, or are you going to a beach in a tropical country? How long will you be travelling?

No matter where you're going, start by choosing ten clothing items. These ten clothing items are your essentials to your travel wardrobe, and they should be interchangeable so you can create different looks by mixing and matching them. Once you decide on your items, make sure to pack them in an efficient manner like rolling your clothes instead of folding them.

Don't forget to bring toiletries such as soap and shaving supplies too! Make sure liquids, gels, and paste are in containers that are 100ml or less if you are travelling with a carry-on bag by plane.

Have your documentation ready

Besides a valid passport for overseas travelling, there are other pieces of documents that are necessary for your travels. These documents include your identification cards, credit cards, booking confirmations, an emergency contact list and travel insurance papers. Keep them organised in a folder so you don’t wrinkle them in your bag.

Not everyone photocopies these important documents, but it is useful as a backup when you lose the original documents in an unforeseen circumstance. Since we’re living in a digital age, you can also save copies on your phone or in a Cloud.

Don’t forget your electronics

You can't deny that we rely heavily on our smartphones on a daily basis. We need them for communication, entertainment and to find information, especially when you're travelling in a foreign place. Other electronics you may need during your travels are camera gears and a laptop if you’re on a business trip.

Unfortunately, smartphones and other electronics don't have a long battery life, which is why it's essential to bring your chargers along with you. You may also need a travel adapter to protect your electronics from the different voltages as not all countries have the same plug points. Need to charge while on the go? Bring a power bank.

Have fun and travel safe

No matter where you're heading or what you're doing, we hope you can make the best out of your trip. Confirm with this travel checklist, stay respectful, and you're bound to have fun wherever you go.