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Achieving Work-life Balance for the Modern Man

What are the ideal traits of a modern man? Some would say that they are career men with long-term vision. However, when we're busy chasing success, we often forget that life is not only bound to the work that we do. Prioritising work over yourself and wellbeing is a bad habit to keep. It could lead to some serious health issues, including high blood pressure, severe stress and anxiety.

Work-life balance is not only essential to maintain one's quality of life; it's also the key to an excellent performance at work. Here are four ways for you to keep your work-life balance in check:

1. Leave work at the office

After-work hours should be used for yourself and personal matters. It can be difficult at first to distinguish a clear line between working hours and personal time, especially if you are a freelancer, those two might overlap. Setting a clear distinction between these two should be your first step.

As you go along you need to remember to be firm with yourself. Try not to extend your working hours by continuing office tasks and duties at home. Be serious about using the time after work to relax and rest. You should reduce the presence of work during your free time as well. For example, try not to check your work email after hours.

2. Spend time on something you enjoy

The time spent on a hobby or a favourite activity is time well spent. This is especially true if the activity you choose to do challenges yourself as an individual. For example, many people choose to exercise during their free time because it helps with building stamina, managing stress and keeping healthy. As they maintain this habit, it will then contribute to their performance at the workplace to be more efficient and disciplined. This lets you have the best of both worlds—your work-life balance is maintained, and your career benefits from it too.

3. Maintain a good relationship with friends and family

It’s healthy to have good personal relationships outside of the workplace. It gives you a sense that you are more than your work. Besides family, having close friends can be good for your mental health as it reminds you that you have a support system. They will be the ones to give you moral support and objective opinions if work-related stress and issues arise.

4. Treat Yourself

Spend your time and hard-earned money on yourself once in a while. Keep in mind that treating yourself does not necessarily mean having a huge blowout. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to do it, little indulgences count too. This could be something as simple as eating ice-cream. But if you do want to go all the way and book yourself a fancy meal, no one’s stopping you.

Maintaining a regular grooming routine can also be a good way to treat yourself. Get yourself a haircut, a new cologne, or the Shaves2U Awesome Shaving Kit. It gives you a complete shaving experience with all the right tools: razor, shaving cream, blade cartridges, and aftershave. Looking good leads to feeling good, so don’t forget to treat yourself that way too.

These days, it's not impossible for men to divide their time and commitments between work and personal life. Work can be really challenging, but practise the steps that we have listed above, and work-life balance can be achieved. Remember, your worth is not only tied to a successful career but also your relationships with loved ones as well as your physical and mental health.