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Workout Motivations: Why You Should Keep Exercising

How’s that New Year’s fitness resolution working out for you? Are you struggling to put on your running shoes and continue exercising? Let us give you a reason (or three) to keep on working out.

For under the sheets

Well let’s start with something that will get you excited. Exercise has been proven to improve your sex life and increase libido. Exercising improves blood circulation, so when done regularly, it decreases the risk of erectile dysfunction. When your sex life is healthy, chances are that your relationship will also benefit from it.

Besides that, exercising also helps you sleep well. If you’ve been struggling with sleep, studies have shown that exercising improves your sleep quality and daytime alertness. Working out increases the time for deep sleep — the most physically restorative phase of sleeping.

With serious sleeping problems such as insomnia, research is currently ongoing to study the benefits of exercise for the condition. The way to do it is to not exercise too close to bedtime as it may have the opposite effect that you wanted. Opt for daytime workouts in the morning or afternoon instead.

For health’s sake

It’s an obvious reason but needs to be said nonetheless. Health is possibly the most important reason to start working out. As you grow older, the couch potato lifestyle is not only an unattractive look, but also increases the risk of major health problems including heart disease and stroke due to being physically inactive.

Besides physical health, exercise can also help with your mental health. The feel good chemicals, endorphins and serotonin are released in the body to improve your mood. When done regularly, it can help with relieving stress — and in some cases depression and anxiety.

The result to your body after months of exercising — including weight loss — can be highly satisfactory. When you look good, you definitely feel good. Some people dismiss exercise as something that is purely for the sake of vanity but let’s move past gym bro stereotypes now. You should care more about your state of health than what other people say about you.

For the culture

Self improvement and wellness aside, another reason to start exercising is for the social aspects of it. Exercising can be a fun social activity. Instead of hanging out with your friends over dinner and drinks, do it over exercise classes. You can try dancing, boxing, cycling or even rock climbing. These workouts don’t have to specifically be a team activity but done together in a group. Besides getting quality time with your mates, they can also help motivate you to improve and continue exercising. Of course, if you prefer solitary workouts, you can always stick to doing it solo.

As people are now more in tune with their body and level of health, exercising has now become a normalised activity. Due to the popularity of exercise in these modern times, it has also made way to the rise of athleisure — as seen in the steady growth in the fashion market for workout and athletic wear. If you are a fan of the style and have been rocking the latest sneakers and clothes from activewear brands, you should already have a little interest in working out, so make full use of your athleisure and start exercising.

Exercise now

So will you break out those sports shoes and start exercising now? We hope you’re motivated enough to make an active difference to your own life. Whichever form of exercise you choose to adapt as a routine, don’t forget to bring your gym bag and your own razor — a Shaves2U razor to be precise. Check out our Shave Plans for slick shaves at lower prices.